Cool guy Tom Hanks helps sell Girl Scout cookies

Actor Tom Hanks is just a really good guy.

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  • Tom Hanks recently helped sell some cookies in California
  • He's also danced with a weather anchor on Univision
  • He loves Kiss Cam and documents lost mittens on Twitter

(CNN)Oh, Tom Hanks, why are you so awesome?

The Academy Award-winning actor seems to be just the greatest guy. Hanx (as he calls himself on his Twitter account) is awesomely winning this game called life by being the most normal of dudes (well, as normal as you can be as a superstar).
California's Los Altos Crier reported that the actor, a San Francisco Bay Area native, recently stopped by State Street in downtown Los Altos, where he bought four boxes of Girl Scout cookies and donated an additional $20 to the troop. He also hung around for a bit, taking pictures with fans who recognized him and bought cookies.
    Just the nicest, right? Here are a few other times Hanks was the coolest:
    He danced with the weather lady
    Hanks showed what a good sport he was and got his groove on in 2011 when he appeared on Univision. The actor joined anchor Chiquinquira Delgado while she did the weather and showed off his smooth moves.
    He goes the extra mile for fans
    The superstar won even more hearts when he surprised fan Sarah Moretti backstage after his performance on Broadway in "Lucky Guy." Moretti, who has autism, was clearly delighted.
    He helped us deal with our grief
    The actor adored his "The Green Mile" co-star Michael Clarke Duncan. After Duncan died in 2012 following a heart attack, Hanks had those attending his memorial service in stitches with one of his favorite stories about Duncan. It was a lovely eulogy for his friend.
    He loves the Kiss Cam
    Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have one of the most loving and enduring marriages among Hollywood A-listers. The pair wed in 1988, and fans were thrilled when the couple was caught on Kiss Cam in 2012 during a Los Angeles Kings hockey game.
    The pair may have been even more excited than the crowd.
    He documents lost gloves
    We aren't even sure why he does it, but Hanks likes to post on social media when he spots lost gloves and mittens. It's goofy and endearing.
    He loses stuff, just like us
    Hanks took to Twitter on Friday to thank a Good Samaritan who returned his lost credit card. Now he can buy more Girl Scout cookies!