Your favorite comic characters look very different

Archie Andrews looks a bit more millennial these days.

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  • Superman, Wonder Woman and Archie all debuted new looks Thursday
  • Three of the most well-known comic book characters of all time look radically different

(CNN)Comic books of the past few years have seen a lot of changes (a female Thor, anyone?) but not quite so many at one time.

Three major characters -- Superman, Wonder Woman (both of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, like CNN) and Archie Andrews -- came out with new looks (and costumes in two cases) Thursday.
Superman and Wonder Woman are no stranger to change over time, but these are pretty different from what we're used to.
    Superman and Wonder Woman got makeovers this week.
    Wonder Woman is back to wearing pants (similar to her style circa 2010, not to mention a brief time in the 1970s) along with something of a turtleneck and body armor.
    Superman looks the most casual that we've ever seen him, simply in a t-shirt and jeans, and decidedly shorter hair. He also looks like someone you might not want to come across in a dark alley.
    As for Archie (who never really died, by the way), he's getting ready for his promised TV show by debuting a modern look -- one that makes it much easier to see why Betty and Veronica have been fighting for his affections all of these years.
    It's been a whirlwind time for comic book fans, and there will be a lot to get used to.