Kristina Bazan's Paris Fashion Week diary

Fashionista Kristina Bazan: Blogging at the top
Kristina Bazan at paris fashion week


    Fashionista Kristina Bazan: Blogging at the top


Fashionista Kristina Bazan: Blogging at the top 03:43

Kristina Bazan is the founder of influential fashion blog Kayture. Join her 1.4 million followers on Instagram or find her on Snapchat at kristina_bazan.

(CNN)If I had to describe Paris Fashion Week in one word, it would be magical. It's the end of the fashion month, following New York, London and Milan, so everybody has this energy that makes for an amazing atmosphere. Everyone's excited to see these final shows.

In Paris, the brands outdo themselves every single time in terms of location, collections, models and guest list. They're usually the perfect punctuation to the whole month, and this season was no different.
Here are some of my personal highlights:

Day 1

    My first show this season was Rochas. Since it was also the first show of the fashion week, I was very excited and decided to wear this extravagant Rochas dress.
    I ended up really liking the Rochas collection! I've always followed their shows online, and noticed that a lot of the standards from previous seasons had been done again, like big statement shoes, fun prints and structured silhouettes. It was a nice way to start the week.

    Day 2

    I'd been following the work of Carven's previous artistic director, Guillaume Henry, for a long time, so I was interested to see what the new designers, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, had in store. There were a lot of beautiful colors -- lots of a pastels -- and the collection felt a little bit retro. I especially loved the shoes, which were slightly bulky, but very cool and edgy at the same time. It was really refreshing.

    Day 3

    Dior was absolutely amazing. I'd attended their haute couture show in January, so I wasn't surprised to see similar accessories -- especially the shoes -- on the ready-to-wear runway. The collection was very futuristic, but also took inspiration from the 70's and David Bowie. I really enjoyed it.
    I also think the venue -- it was held at the Louvre -- was one of the most beautiful show locations. It was very iconic Paris.
    John Galliano's first ready-to-wear collection for Margiela was one of the moments I was most excited about. It was a very private show, so I was honored to be on the list.
    There was a lot of talk about his return, and no one knew what he was going to do. It ended up being a beautiful collection. He respected the code of the house, which meant that it was very conceptual and structurally weird, but it definitely read Galliano from A to Z, especially in the way the makeup was done and the way it looked almost crazy. (Some girls walked like they were clowns!)

    Day 4

    Elie Saab, for me, is iconic and timeless. They're those timeless dresses that are always going to look good. I think that they slightly shifted toward a younger, edgier woman this season.

    Day 5

    Mugler was all about the sophisticated, structured look. It was very confident, and reminded me of what Anthony Vaccarello has done for Versus because of the way the dresses were cut.
    Kenzo was my highlight this year because of the set up. It was just incredible. We were in this empty space, and these colorful walls moved with the models as the show started. The choreography was very impressive.
    To me, Paris is all about the show, and I'm always looking forward to how the brands show their collections and the story they create around the location.
    Chloé stayed true to its code: It was very hippie-bohemian and effortless. It's that girl who just wakes up and looks amazing. The coats were absolutely magical, and I can imagine myself wearing them this winter. It's going to work like magic commercially.
    It was amazing meeting Lorde after the show. I've been a big fan of hers ever since she released The Love Club EP. As I do music myself, I'm very sensitive to the way she writes and composes her songs.
    Her public image is very dark and gothic, but she ended up being this super cute girl: very friendly, absolutely lovely, and very open. I like her even more now than I did before.

    Day 6

    Stella McCartney definitely had the best invite of Paris Fashion Week. It was a transparent invitation with a detachable pair of light-up glasses, which were so cool. (The best invite of the whole month came from Hugo Boss in New York. I received an actual phone with my name and a personalized message. It was complete madness.)
    The Stella show was beautiful. She always manages to layer her clothes well. The coats were absolutely insane, they were so huge. I saw people's reactions as they came down. Everyone was like, "Woah."
    I liked that, although the clothes were very sophisticated, the girls looked really natural. It seemed like they were wearing no makeup, and the hair was super effortless as well.
    Sonia Rykiel showed at the brand's iconic St Germain flagship store. They built a library inside of it, so when you entered, you definitely felt it was an intimate atmosphere.
    The line-up of models was great. I liked that Gigi Hadid walked -- she's one of my favourite models at the moment -- but I was disappointed not to see Kendall Jenner since she walked last season.
    It was great to attend this Fendi party with my friend Fiona Zanetti.
    It's really difficult to coordinate time with friends because everyone's doing so many different things during Fashion Week, but I'm lucky enough to travel with my team. We're such great friends, and we're happy to share these experiences together. What's the point of having these great moments if I can't spend them with my beloved ones?
    That night we had four events to attend, but I made sure to prioritize Stella McCartney's after-party. I'm trying to get to know the brand a little bit better, so I wanted to spend some time with Stella and the crew. It was a very intimate party, which I wasn't expecting, but it was very nice.

    Day 7

    I wasn't very familiar with Paul & Joe before the show, so I was surprised in a very nice way. It was very young and very fresh, and super cool and fun. It was very different from the other shows I had seen.

    Day 8

    My last show of the week was Louis Vuitton. It's been an honor to attend the show every season, especially now that Nicolas Ghesquière is on board. This time, the show was at Fondation Louis Vuitton, and it took a little while to get there.
    Louis Vuitton did not disappoint. Even though it was the end of fashion week when everybody was exhausted, they created a beautiful show.
    The clothes themselves were so pretty, with a lot of sequins and reflective materials. There were some new shapes for the bags, and some really beautiful shoes as well. It was just a very beautiful and elegant collection overall.
    And that's a wrap! Honestly, it was a very good season for us, and I can't wait for the next fashion season to begin.