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Media mogul invests in diversity

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Meet Rohana Rozhan, boss of multi-billion dollar Astro Malaysia

Says secret to success is reflecting audience within workforce

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As a youngster, Rohana Rozhan had a nickname that summed her up perfectly: “Rohana the Piranha.”

Even as a little girl growing up in Malaysia, the future CEO of a $4.6 billion media company was small but deadly.

“I was born independent, fiercely so,” 51-year-old Rozhan told CNN’s Kristie Lu-Stout.

“I always had a chip on my shoulder that I had to prove to everyone that I’m independent.”

Today she’s proved it – and then some.

Rozhan heads Astro Malaysia, one of the biggest media and entertainment firms in the region. She’s in charge of producing over 9,000 hours of original content a year – ranging from radio broadcasts to hits on the silver screen.

Here, she shares some of the secrets of her success

Rozhan on equality:

“We have 52% women working at Astro, but one of the things we are very very passionate about, is that each woman has to be the best person for the job.”

On respect:

“If you grow up a good Muslim, Malay girl, one of the things you have to learn is you can be the smartest kid on the block, but you have to be respectful.”

On determination:

“You have to want it, but you can’t just want it without the work. You have to want it, yet understand, that it’s not going to be easy.”

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