Show animals and their proud handlers

Updated 3:56 PM ET, Tue March 17, 2015
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Jamie, 15, prepares to exhibit his Jersey cow at a livestock show in Somerset, England. Photographer Jooney Woodward thought his cheerfulness showed that "sense of enjoyment" handlers have when competing with their animals. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Harriet, 13, exhibits a guinea pig, Gentleman Jack, that matches her red hair. "I just thought that was incredibly striking," said Woodward, who won an award for the portrait. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Andy with a male alpaca named Commander. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Wendy tends to her Hereford yearling heifer, Mandalay Juliette. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Traditional Welsh pigs are judged at a show in Builth Wells, Wales. That's a sausage advertisement behind them. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Daniel with his white Muscovy duck that won Best Waterfowl at a show in Somerset. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Hannah with her prize-winning Scottish Blackface ram, Brewser. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE
Colin displays his Aberdeen Angus bull named Kings Brompton Endeavour. Jooney Woodward/INSTITUTE