No Apple Watch could replace these timepieces

By Wilfred Chan, CNN

Updated 11:58 AM ET, Wed March 11, 2015
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Apple says its Watch is "the most personal device we've ever created." But will people really replace their wristwatches with the tech company's newest gadget? We asked readers to share stories about their favorite timepieces -- and why they won't let them go. courtesy daniel tamas
Simon Huang's mother battled cancer for two years before she passed away. "During the two years... the family were tight together more because of her love. Even til the last day, she endured the sickness, showing her blessing to all the family," he tells CNN.
Dan Egnew is from Lubbock, Texas, but now lives in Eugene, Oregon. "This watch is special to me. I think its value is only sentimental," he explains. courtesy dan egnew
Jordan Brooks says he has always been interested in watches -- a passion that only increased after a romantic relationship ended. "I guess I learned to appreciate time more," he says. courtesy jordan brooks
In Logan Boothe's family, armed service is a tradition that runs deep. "I enlisted to carry on the family tradition and because I want to do my part in defending my country," he explains. courtesy logan boothe
When tough times hit Ralin-Mae Divino Dayon and her husband, they were forced to sell almost all of their precious belongings. They tried not to sell this watch -- her husband's favorite -- but eventually decided they had to. "Now we are starting to see stability in our financial situation," she says. "We lost all of our precious belongings but there is one priceless and indestructible thing that still remains. Our bond and our marriage that is stronger than ever."
courtesy ralin-mae divino dayon
Laura Ma wanted a timepiece to mark a big step in her life -- moving across the world. "At the time, large rose gold Michael Kors watches was the trend, but I wanted a more classic brand and design that would survive past the fad," she says. courtesy laura ma
Liau Chung Ren is a news photographer and will not buy the Apple Watch. "I'm not interested to wear a wristwatch that crams in too many functions... We have smartphones now, why Apple Watch? I don't see the point." Couresy liau chung ren
Karen Crook and her father both worked for the Queensland Police Service in Australia. When he retired, she bought them both matching watches. "Even though it's a bit faded and banged up these days, I love it and wear it every day on the inside of my right hand," she tells us. "Dad still has his as well." courtesy karen crook
For Arena Richardson Jackson her watch was a thoughtful present -- from herself. "I bought it for my 27th birthday," she said. "My husband hates it but he'll just have to deal." Courtesy Arena Richardson Jackson/CNN iReport
Shen Lu, a news assistant at CNN Beijing, shows off her Misfit Shine fitness monitor. "I don't use it to keep track of time. It's more of an exercise and sleep monitor for me," she says. "I like the minimalistic design and I'm pretty happy with the simple functions." courtesy shen lu
Tony Yowell works in newspaper production, and has destroyed many wrist watches. "There are lots of sharp corners, tight spaces, filth and vats of chemicals that I often end up in up to my elbows," he said. "A pocket watch seemed like the perfect solution." Courtesy Tony Yowell
Courtesy Gina Regalado
Sepehr Bastami, 25, says he loves his watch "and will never replace it with some gizmo gadget or a phone."
This is the first watch he bought himself, and he continues to use it. "It was not overly pricy, but has been a great companion."
Courtesy Sepehr Bastami
Sean Kelly says he gets many compliments on his Movado. Courtesy Sean Kelly
In 1956, Conor Riley's grandfather, Captain Frederic Delano Riley, retired from the U.S. Navy after serving in World War II. To commemorate the occasion, he bought a Rolex Explorer that same year. When he passed away, Conor's father inherited the watch. He gave it to Conor on his 18th birthday. "While I understand why many people will use a phone instead of a watch, my Rolex is my most prized possession ... a lasting artifact of my family's history." Courtesy Conor Riley
Varun Gouripeddi, 22, received this watch from his dad for his 15th birthday, "and ever since, I wear it proudly." Courtesy Varun Gouripeddi