Hero worship may break your heart

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  • Frida Ghitis: Are your heroes disappointing you? You're not alone
  • Leaders like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Aung San Suu Kyi are admirable, but not perfect

Frida Ghitis is a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review and a former CNN producer and correspondent. Follow her @FridaGhitis. The opinions expressed in this commentary are hers.

(CNN)Are your heroes disappointing you? You're not alone. Most people yearn for role models, for someone to admire and emulate. But then sometimes: Crash!

Unless the superheroes perform their awe-inspiring work in the comic books or the movies, they eventually slide off the pedestal; or perhaps they get smashed down to the ground, breaking into too many pieces to repair. The admirer is left heartbroken or disillusioned.
If you want to admire someone fully, you should not look too closely. If you want to admire them smartly, you should brace yourself for at least some measure of disappointment.
    Frida Ghitis