Dolphin calf rescued

Published 3:54 PM ET, Mon March 9, 2015
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A dolphin calf was rescued Friday off the eastern coast of Florida after its rostrum became entangled in a monofilament fishing line. NOAA
The intervention off the coast of Fort Pierce lasted only about an hour from net to release, but it took more than a month to locate the calf and its mother. NOAA
The fishing line cut through the dolphin's skin to the bone. NOAA
The dolphin calf was first reported on January 18 after someone in a boat spotted it riding their wake with his mother. NOAA
Interventions such as this one are massive undertakings, involving dozens of people from multiple organizations. NOAA
Rescuers gave the calf a a long-lasting antibiotic and radio-tagged its mother for monitoring before releasing the pair. NOAA