Pakistan renames 107 schools after massacre victims

Story highlights

  • More than 100 schools renamed in honor of students killed in a Taliban schoolhouse attack
  • A six-hour siege at a Peshawar school killed 145 people in December

(CNN)More than 100 schools in Pakistan have been renamed in honor of the children killed in a Taliban siege at a Peshawar school last year.

According to the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 107 local schools now bear the name of a student killed during the December 16 attack on the Army Public School.
Government spokesman Mushtaq Ghani told CNN that the gesture was a way to remember the bravery of the students who were taking exams in an auditorium when Taliban militants strapped with explosives laid siege.
    Some six hours later, 145 were dead, 132 of them children, according to authorities.
    In February, Pakistani authorities arrested a suspect, accusing him of commanding the attack.
    The Army Public School is home to about 1,100 students and staff, most of them sons and daughters of army personnel from around Peshawar.