Las Vegas man accused of shooting neighbor in front of house indicted

Erich Nowsch Jr. appears in a Las Vegas courtroom for his initial court appearance on February 23.

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  • Erich Nowsch will face three charges, including first-degree murder
  • He is accused of killing Tammy Meyers in front of her home
  • The two lived withing walking distance of each other

(CNN)A grand jury in Clark County, Nevada, has indicted a 19-year-old man accused of fatally shooting his neighbor in front of her house last month.

Erich Nowsch Jr. faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and firing a gun from within a car.
Police say Nowsch shot Tammy Meyers, 44, in front of her home after the car he was riding in followed her home February 12.
    Nowsch's attorney, Conrad Claus, has said his client will argue self-defense.
    The Meyers family told police that Tammy Meyers was giving her daughter a driving lesson when there was a confrontation with the driver of another car. Tammy Meyers drove home and sent her inside to get her brother, Brandon, who allegedly brought a 9mm handgun. Tammy Meyers and her son then went back out, police said.
    They encountered the other car again, and there was gunfire, police said. Investigators found casings from six .45-caliber rounds at that scene.
    Attorney: Road rage suspect 'feared for his life'
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      Attorney: Road rage suspect 'feared for his life'


    Attorney: Road rage suspect 'feared for his life' 03:20
    Nowsch's lawyer said after his client's first court appearance that Brandon Meyers pointed a gun before anyone started shooting. He said the family's story about a road-rage incident and what reportedly followed don't add up.
    After zipping away from the first shooting, Tammy Meyers drove home and the other car, a silver Audi, went there also. Police said Nowsch shot at both Tammy and Brandon Meyers. Tammy Meyers was hit in the head and died two days later at a hospital. Brandon Meyers, who police said returned fire at the home, was not injured.
    The driver of the silver Audi has yet to be found by authorities. That suspect wasn't named in Thursday's indictment.
    Nowsch was arrested five days after the killing in his family's house, just one block away from the Meyers' home. He is due in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.