Mobile World Congress 2015: Five glimpses of the future

Updated 9:24 AM ET, Fri March 6, 2015
audi 2016 a6 european modelaudi 2016 a6 european model
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At Mobile World Congress Audi announced that a collaboration with AT&T would bring 3G and 4G LTE Wi-Fi technology to its 2016 range. courtesy audi
4G LTE means "better voice activation and better voice diagnostics," according to AT&T's chief executive Glenn Lurie. Audi
New tech start-up Leia creates 3D holographic displays. Multiple LEDs are projected across a thin piece of plastic or glass, forming an image that appears to float above the screen. LEIA Inc
XensrAir affixes itself to BMXs, snowboards or wakeboards. Paired with a phone or laptop, the device tracks your jump height, speed, distance, and airtime.
IntelligentCity is a connected lighting solution designed by Philips. The system allows for complete control of a city's lights, with remote users able to adjust the ambiance and monitor energy usage. Philips