The gift of a limb

By Daphne Sashin, CNN

Updated 9:04 AM ET, Fri March 13, 2015
limbitless ucf albert and alexlimbitless ucf albert and alex
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Albert Manero and a team of engineering students at University of Central Florida designed a prototype for an electronic arm. Six-year-old Alex Pring was the first recipient. Rather than profiting from the designs, the students uploaded them to the Internet for anyone to use. Courtesy Katie Crabb
The first thing Alex did when he got his arm was hug his mother. Microsoft has highlighted Alex and the UCF team in a social media campaign called The Collective Project, which celebrates students using technology to change the world. Courtesy Katie Crabb
Ivan Owen, co-designer of the first 3D printed prosthetic hand and a designer for the E-Nable community, instructs students at a Build-a-Thon at the University of Central Florida. The students produced 60 robotic hands for a pediatric rehab clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Courtesy University of Central Florida
Manero's team has made electronic arms for five children and are working with three more kids including 12-year-old Wyatt Falardeau, left, who lost his right arm to amputation when he was a baby. He shares a hug with Alex and Manero at UCF. Courtesy University of Central Florida
The design for a robotic hand Courtesy Katie Crabb
An engineering student chats with Wyatt about her design. Cynthia Falardeau/CNN iReport
Wyatt checks out one of the 3D printers on the University of Central Florida campus. Cynthia Falardeau/CNN iReport