94 million Americans say: 'Enough with winter, already'

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  • More than 1,000 flights into or out of the U.S. are canceled
  • People in Kentucky will have plenty of snowman-building material
  • Boston is close to a season snow record, but it's iffy this system will provide enough to top the mark

(CNN)It's not quite from sea to shining sea, but the latest winter storm gets an "A" for effort (or is that an "E"?).

For its sheer size, this one is a monster, stretching from New Mexico to southern New England.
If you're keeping track on your maps at home, that's 2,000 miles of snowy misery and 94 million people under some sort of winter weather warning, watch or advisory.
    "Enough," cries a winter-weary nation.


    Enough of the sleet and ice in the Dallas area. More than 640 arrivals and departures were canceled at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday. Another 540 have been scrubbed for Thursday.
    "Dear Mr. Heat Miser, please reclaim Dallas from your obnoxious half brother Snow Miser," tweets Dandy Killeen.


    Enough snow to hide your energy drink.
    "The snow is almost 1 energy shot deep in OKC," tweeted Damon Lane.


    Enough snow to cover the yard and street. Some areas will get 6 to 10 inches.
    "Snow really coming down in Lexington, KY. A solid 1"+ per hour snowfall rate!" tweets T.G. Shuck.

    Washington D.C.

    Enough snow for a snow emergency. The federal government is closed on Thursday.
    "DC snow emergency to go into effect at 7 am Thursday. Move your vehicles from these routes!" tweets Fox 5 DC.


    Enough snow to eat ice cream.
    "Just celebrated the coming snow with a bowl of Moose Tracks," tweets country music legend Charlie Daniels.

    New Mexico

    Enough snow to ...
    Actually, New Mexico is weird.
    Aaron Goodwin of "Ghost Adventures" fame likes the white stuff. He tweeted: "Snow :)"
    But he likes hunting for ghosts too so use your own judgment.

    New Jersey

    Enough snow for a snow day.
    "Snow day tomorrow. Stay safe and stay warm, everybody," tweets Sean Nunan, the associate principal at Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft.

    West Virginia and Pennsylvania

    Enough snow and rain to cause problems. The area will get up to 4 inches of rain before it turns to snow.
    The National Weather Service warned that flooding could be an issue, especially across the lower Ohio Valley and western Mid-Atlantic regions.
    CNN affiliate WCHS reports a mudslide in Mingo County, West Virginia, sent one woman to the hospital.


    Enough snow to go totally nuts.
    So far this season Boston has seen 105.7 inches -- almost 9 feet -- of snow. That's just 1.9 inches short of the record set nine years ago.
    More snow is expected from this system, but it's not likely to be enough to break the record as the forecast models indicate the majority of snow will stay south of the city.
    There is a slim chance of snow on Thursday, followed by days of sunshine and temperatures near 40 by Monday.

    State of silliness

    Enough cold to wrap yourself in blankets
    "Another #SnowDay? Auto-Swaddle yourself in softness," recommends Downy.