Ohio fugitive nabbed after taunting authorities on Facebook

Andrew Marcum, 21, of Lemon Township, Ohio, was arrested after a Facebook post replied to one from the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

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  • Andrew Marcum, 21, responded to a warrant on him posted on Facebook
  • "I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me," the purported message says

(CNN)A suspect from Ohio learned a valuable lesson this week: Don't taunt authorities on social media, especially when you're a wanted man.

Andrew Marcum, 21, jumped in and posted his two cents after authorities shared his picture on Facebook as a featured warrant of the week.
Allegations against the Lemon Township resident included burglary, kidnapping, domestic violence and criminal endangering, the Butler County Sheriff's Office posted in a message accompanying its post.
    Apparently not intent on going down without a fight, a man bearing the name Andrew Marcum responded to the post.
    "I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me," he posted.
    In addition to sharing the suspect's name, the Facebook account is several years old and had other photos resembling Marcum, including one with a large tattoo spelling his last name on his back.
    Authorities took the man's post seriously enough to respond to it.
    "Andrew Marcum, if you could stop by the sheriff's office, that'd be great," they posted.
    Sheriff Richard K. Jones raised the stakes by moving their pleas to Twitter. He posted a picture of a jail cell that apparently awaited the suspect.
    Marcum's purported post appeared Monday, and authorities arrested him a day later.
    "Thanks to our social media friends for helping turn up the heat on this week's featured warrant," the Sheriff's Office tweeted. "Marcum in custody."
    Jones posted the suspect's arrest mug shot, showing him in tears.