Sinking of the Musashi

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The Japanese battleship Musashi under intense attack by the U.S. Navy's Task Force 38 aircraft in the Sibuyan Sea on October 24, 1944. A destroyer is also receiving attacks beyond the battleship. U.S. Navy/National Archives
A Japanese battleship and other warships maneuver while under attack by U.S. carrier planes in the Sibuyan Sea. Two Japanese battleships, the Musashi and its sister ship, the Yamato, were involved in the battle. U.S. Navy/National Archives
Musashi leaves Brunei, Borneo, in 1944. U.S. Naval Historical Center
The Japanese Center Force leaves Brunei Bay on October 22, 1944, en route to the Philippines. U.S. Naval Historical Center
Japanese battleships and a cruiser are seen just before the Battle of Leyte Gulf. U.S. Naval Historical Center
Emperor Hirohito of Japan (front row, center) is photographed with officers of the Imperial Navy on board the battleship Musashi off Yokosuka Naval Base on June 24, 1943. U.S. Naval Historical Center