'Unfinished Business': Synergistic stock photos

Published 8:07 AM ET, Wed March 4, 2015
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The movie "Unfinished Business" comes out Friday, and the stars teamed up to create a collection of pictures playing on the generic stock photos that illustrate many Internet stories. Vince Vaughn, center, is a man of business whose team (er, co-stars) has his back. Getty Images
Dave Franco co-stars as "Mike Pancake" in the film and is clearly comfortable efforting a growing impact. He is the look-alike younger brother of actor/writer/speaker/Renaissance man James Franco. Getty Images
Let's incentivize dynamic solutions! Vaughn's movie promises the story of a business trip gone awry, spending time at a massive sex fetish event as well as a global economic summit. Getty Images
Great job, team! The promotional shots are a collaboration between Twentieth Century Fox and iStock by Getty Images. Getty Images