He never gave up

Updated 9:12 AM ET, Tue March 3, 2015
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A cane didn't stop Karl Turk from dreaming of having his own team to coach. Now he's taking the West Oso High School basketball team to the Texas state basketball playoffs. Sierra Viera/CNN iReport
When he was 14 years old, Karl Turk woke up paralyzed and was told he might never walk again. A turning point came when Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller visited him and gave him a pep talk. Karl Turk/CNN iReport
Turk's grandfather, John Turk, Jr., instilled his love of basketball at an early age. Although he has passed away, Turk continues to bring him along to each game by wearing his grandfather's military dog tags. Karl Turk/CNN iReport
Sometimes Turk gets so involved in coaching, he throws his cane on the ground. Turk is on his fourth cane of the season. Sierra Viera/CNN iReport
Creighton Avery met Turk when he was 9. Now the 14-year-old is a freshman starter on a team heading to the state playoffs. Ashley Mora/CNN iReport
Turk continues to pursue his dreams, hoping to clinch the Texas state championship. Sierra Viera/CNN iReport