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Pelosi 'insulted' by Netanyahu speech
Washington CNN —  

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is apologizing for commenting on Nancy Pelosi’s “surgeries” as he critiqued her reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday.

The Republican potential 2016 presidential candidate’s comments came in a closed-door fundraiser after Netanyahu’s speech.

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“Did you see Nancy Pelosi on the floor? Complete disgust,” Graham said, according to Josh Rogin of Bloomberg View. “If you can get through all the surgeries, there’s disgust.”

After those comments were reported, Graham quickly backtracked, saying that while he found the California Democrat’s reaction – she said afterward that she was near tears – “a bit disturbing,” his comment was inappropriate.

“I made a very poor attempt at humor to talk about (Pelosi’s) reaction, and for that I apologize,” Graham said, according to NBC’s Frank Thorp.