CNN Student News - February 27, 2015

CNN Student News - 02/27/15


    CNN Student News - 02/27/15


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February 27, 2015

This Friday on CNN Student News: A showdown in the U.S. government centers on funding for the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Communications Commission votes to expand its regulation of the Internet, and we take a look at the symptoms and treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Plus, our coverage of legal topics defines the U.S. juvenile justice system.
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1. Name one of the two dwarf planets at which a NASA spacecraft is scheduled to arrive this year.
2. In what African nation, whose capital is Monrovia, did thousands of children recently return to school for the first time in six months?
3. What atmospheric phenomenon, measured in micrograms per cubic meter, coated parts of the Korean Peninsula early this week?
4. In what country is the city of Mannheim, where every house is now connected to a smart energy network?
5. Who is the leader of the U.S. Federal Reserve?
6. On what Japanese island would you find Mount Suribachi, where part of a bitter battle took place between U.S. and Japanese forces during World War II?
7. Home to about 20 million people and facing a historic drought, what city is the largest in Brazil?
8. Name the British theater where a rare copy of William Shakespeare's collected works is going on display following its discovery in France.
9. What part of the U.S. government voted 3-2 on Thursday to expand its control over the Internet?
10. What is the acronym for a type of depression that typically affects people in the winter months but usually goes away in the spring and summer?
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