CPAC 2015: The sights

Updated 1:57 PM ET, Fri February 27, 2015
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William Temple of the Golden Isles Tea Party in Georgia, dressed as Button Gwinnett, the second signer on the United States Declaration of Independence, cheers as Ben Carson speaks. Getty Images
Utah's Mike Lee addresses the conference on Thursday. Getty Images
Ben Carson spoke early Thursday morning. AFP/Getty Images
A woman browses through conservative politicas badges at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Getty Images
A woman works at a stand promoting the oil industry. AFP/Getty Images
A man displays pins as he attends the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. AFP/Getty Images
Iowa's Joni Ernst addresses CPAC. Getty Images
Volunteers walk by a stand at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. AFP/Getty Images
People take part in a 'straw poll' to pick the conservative candidate for the 2016 US presidential election. AFP/Getty Images
Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, participates in a session on 'Strategic Communication.' AFP/Getty Images
Carly Fiorina, a potential 2016 contender, waits to be interviewed. AFP/Getty Images
Chris Christie participates in a discussion at CPAC Getty Images
Texas' Ted Cruz takes the stage. AFP/Getty Images
Bobby Jindal took the stage on Thursday. AFP/Getty Images
Scott Walker spoke on Thursday. AFP/Getty Images
Rand Paul signs books at CPAC. Getty Images
Sarah Palin speaks on Thursday at CPAC.
Former House speaker and GOP presidential hopeful spoke Friday. AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images
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AFP/Getty Images