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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday commented on the groundswell of support she’s seen on the left from progressives who want her to run for president, saying the reason her message resonates so deeply with so many is that Americans are “ready to fight back.”

Speaking to a hometown crowd at a town hall meeting Thursday afternoon, Warren was asked to comment on “the folks that your message is resonating with, that want you to run for president, that support you as a senator,” according to video from affiliate station WWLP.

“Americans understand that the game is rigged, and they’ve had enough of it. They’re ready to fight back. They want a Washington that works for them,” Warren said.

“I think that people are getting more engaged, politically, and they’re seeing through a lot of the rhetoric that politicians have been throwing out there for a long time. They want to see some real change, and I think that’s what we need to work on.”

Warren is a favorite of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and activists have launched multiple efforts to draft her into the presidential race, despite her insistence she has no interest in running.

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But with many in the far-left of the party still skeptical of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, calls for Warren to run as a liberal alternative have only grown louder, even as Warren has refused to budge on the race.