Hold on to your skinny jeans! JNCO is back

Trendsetter Rihanna sported a wide-leg jean in September.

Story highlights

  • JNCO jeans were popular in the 1990s
  • Their signature look was a super wide-legged jean

(CNN)Folks on social media are wigging out over the return of a brand that was all that and a bag of chips to alternative youth culture of the 1990s: JNCO jeans.

So, what's the revamp's dealio? The brand touts on its new website that "We have been busy creating a new empire. Are you ready to join us on our new adventure? 'Judge None, Choose One'."
Though the brand has been active on Facebook and Twitter since October, the wide-leg reboot gained Internet traction this week after appearing at a fashion trade event in Las Vegas.
    "Through the use of experimental fits, cutting-edge techniques and application of fresh, unconventional fabrications, JNCO sets to defy the rules of street wear and re-establish a brand and aesthetic that is purely in a class of its own," according to its website.
    Sneak peeks of the upcoming collection hint that it's more streetwear-focused, with flat-bill caps, graphic tees and grungy plaids, but Generation Y is buzzing for any and all impending Throwback Thursdays as the brand hints at a "heritage" collection with jeans with 20-inch-plus leg openings.
    After all, there's certainly not enough room in today's skinny jeans to store your Tamagatchi, Dunkaroos and Walkman.