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Politicians declare their independence
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Jeb Bush is asked a lot about his family ties in regards to whether he’ll launch a presidential campaign, and he’s already starting to rehearse that answer.

It’s got a familiar ring.

“I love my brother, I love my dad, actually love my mother as well, hope that’s ok. And I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make,” Bush said during a speech Wednesday, preempting questions about how his policies would be tied to his brother’s and dad’s, two former U.S. presidents.

And then he added, “But I’m my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences.”

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Vice President Al Gore also proclaimed that he was his “own man” in 2000 when he was running for President, too.

“We’re entering a new time, we’re electing a new president and I stand here tonight as my own man and I want you to know me for who I truly am,” Gore said in August 2000.

And Hillary Clinton’s also been prompted to declare her independence from her husband, reminding in 2008 her then-foe for the Democratic nomination Barack Obama who he was running against.

“I’m here, he’s not,” Clinton said of her husband, former president Bill Clinton.