Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has seen his stock rise in recent weeks.
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dismissed critics who contend his lack of a college degree could be a potential liability in the White House.

The push back comes after former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Vermont Gov. Howard Dean called Walker “unknowledgeable” and said he worried about “people being president of the United States not knowing much about the world.”

“That’s the kind of elitist, government knows best, top-down approach we’ve heard for years,” Walker said Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News.

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The Republican’s education background has been the subject of recent media reports in The Washington Post and Boston Globe, among other outlets. Walker left Marquette University in the spring of his senior year and started a job with the American Red Cross.

Walker said Tuesday that the storyline was being driven by his political opponents.

“The more the left works themselves into a tizzy, they think there has to be something more to this than I left to take a job at the Red Cross,” he added.

The governor, who has seen his 2016 stock rise in recent weeks, also defended his decision to “punt” on a question about evolution during a recent visit to London to promote Wisconsin’s economy.

“I have no problem answering the question,” Walker said, adding that he believes “God created the earth,” but also that he doesn’t think faith and science are “incompatible.”