CNN Student News - February 13, 2015

CNN Student News - 02/13/15


    CNN Student News - 02/13/15


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February 13, 2015

A breakthrough in Belarus, a verdict in Italy, and an expected veto in the U.S. all headline CNN Student News this Friday. We're breaking down how vaccines work, and we're exploring five facts about Valentine's Day. And we'll take you to a lived-in landmark whose appearance is deceiving. Teachers, please note that CNN Student News will be off the air next Monday for the Presidents Day holiday.
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1. In what war-torn country would you find Sergei Prokofiev International Airport, which has been destroyed during a year of conflict?
2. What member of the British royal family was the nation's longest-serving monarch until this year, when Queen Elizabeth II takes the title?
3. A member of the U.S. Navy recently photographed the bow of the USS John C. Stennis as it sailed through what atmospheric phenomenon?
4. What U.S. city, according to its mayor, has already spent its $18 million annual budget for snow removal?
5. For what U.S. president was the teddy bear named?
6. A recent study took more than 3,000 samples to map the microgenomics of what city's subway system?
7. If approved, President Obama's request for congressional authorization of military force against ISIS carries a time limit of how many years?
8. When Jackie Robinson West was stripped of its title, Mountain Ridge from Las Vegas was named champion of what sports event?
9. If the U.S. Congress wants to override a presidential veto, a vote to do so is required by what fraction of the House and Senate?
10. In what country is Minsk, where international representatives agreed to support a ceasefire in Ukraine?
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