Another surgery for Reid after exercise injury

(CNN)Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is recovering from follow-up surgery to his right eye, which he injured six weeks ago in a gruesome exercising accident.

"Senator Reid was released from the hospital Wednesday evening and has been resting in his residence in Washington since," his spokeswoman Kristin Orthman said in a statement Thursday. "The surgery was completed Wednesday afternoon. Doctors will continue to monitor his right eye and hope to have a clearer prognosis for his vision in the coming days."
Reid's was injured Jan. 1 when an exercising band he was using snapped, causing him to tumble head first into a set of cabinets in his Nevada home. During his initial surgery Jan. 26, the shattered bones around his eye were repaired and excessive blood was drained from the area.
At that time, Reid said the prognosis for whether he would regain full sight in his damaged eye was uncertain. The surgery this week was "a necessary step to assist in recovering full vision in his right eye," Orthman said before the surgery, which took place at George Washington University Hospital.
    Reid will return to work after next week's Senate recess, Orthman said.