A napkin, a blind date and a perfect match

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(CNN)It was closing time. Scott Tayloe marched up to the Starbucks counter in Jacksonville, Florida, and handed the barista a napkin with his number on it.

"Call me sometime," he said, hoping his voice hit a cool-guy tone, though he knew in reality it was probably cracking like a schoolgirl's.
Josh Holder looked down at the napkin. Scott was handsome, well-mannered and professional -- just the type of guy he had always envisioned himself with. But he knew he wouldn't call.
    A couple years later, Josh was at the Lemon Bar in Jacksonville. A friend of his had met a great guy at a party and thought he'd be perfect for Josh. She invited both to the bar -- a sort of blind date in the midst of a group hangout.
    As Josh walked toward the guy, he realized it was the same Starbucks customer whose number he had secretly kept for so long.
    Scott tried to pretend he didn't remember but eventually cracked. "Why didn't you call?" he asked. Josh explained he had been in a serious relationship at the time. By the end of the night, the two had exchanged phone numbers. For the next week, they spoke on the phone every day for hours. On July 15, 2004, they went on their first date.
    "I always dreamt I would meet my future husband in line at the grocery store,"