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The evolution of a hostage's ISIS praise (2015)
02:23 - Source: CNN

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Captive journalist John Cantlie calls video the "last in this series"

Cantlie has appeared in previous ISIS videos

CNN  — 

ISIS has released a new video in which a captive British journalist acts as though he is reporting on Aleppo in Syria.

John Cantlie, who has appeared in previous ISIS videos, calls this one the “last in this series.”

In the video, he shows parts of Aleppo, saying the destruction is caused not only by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but also U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

The coalition has been targeting ISIS.

Cantlie also shows a religious school and a court, where he explains that Islamic Sharia law “is 1,400 years old. And it is the rule of God, the rule of Allah. And therefore it cannot be changed.” He cites, for example, that the punishment for robbery is having one’s hand cut off.

Cantlie was kidnapped in November 2012 along with American journalist James Foley. A video published by ISIS in August showed Foley being beheaded.

ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, has taken over swaths of land in Syria and Iraq and carried out barbaric killings.