Measles and other playdate questions

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  • The modern playdate comes with many questions
  • Vaccinations, guns and allergies can all divide parents
  • Parents need to decide what differences they can tolerate

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(CNN)"Is your child vaccinated?"

For the first time, I was asked that question before a playdate earlier this month. Chicken pox was spreading in my neighborhood, sometimes on purpose, and many unvaccinated children were forced to stay home until their exposure period had passed.
Yes, I replied, and I realized I was grateful for the question.
    While I'm less worried about chicken pox, rightly or wrongly, I know the measles is spreading like wildfire in the Western United States, mostly linked to an infected person's visit to Disneyland in December. It's prompting schools to order unvaccinated children and children with compromised immune systems to stay home until their exposure to the sometimes-deadly respiratory disease has passed.
    Vaccination, guns, celiac disease: The modern playdate comes with all sorts of landmines our parents may