Why Chinese people call Katy Perry 'Fruit Sister'

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  • In China, Katy Perry is known as "Fruit Sister" because of her fruity costumes
  • Jennifer Lopez is called "Lord of Butt"
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is called "Curly Blessing"

(CNN)During the Super Bowl halftime show, Chinese Internet users were abuzz about a woman called "Fruit Sister."

Sounds mysterious, but you already know who she is. "Fruit Sister," or "shui guo jie," is what people in China call Katy Perry -- referring to her tendency to wear fruit costumes and bring giant fruit with her on stage.
In the past, the pop star has performed in sparkly watermelon-cup bras, sung while holding a large inflatable strawberry and even burst out of a giant banana.
    She's also talked about growing and eating her own fruit, so it's a pretty fair nickname.
    But "Fruit Sister" isn't the only Western celeb to get an interesting Chinese alias. Here are a few others and the stories behind them:

    Lord of Butt