Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime: Giant tiger, dancing sharks and fireworks

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Social media delight in Katy Perry's halftime show

Beach landscape draws comparisons to acid trips

CNN  — 

Katy Perry made our teenage dreams come true at the Super Bowl halftime show Sunday with dizzying pyrotechnics, dancing sharks and enough outfit changes to give Beyonce a run for her money.

Expectations were mixed going into the show. Would she fall flat like the Patriots’ footballs or take off like a firework? She had the support of well-wishers like ex Russell Brand, who promised baffled Brits that the halftime show would be “amazing.”

But really, we were just eager for a reprieve from the lackluster first half between the Seahawks and the Patriots. Regardless of whether you appreciated her artistry, the show delivered throughout on memorable (and meme-worthy) moments, from Perry’s entrance atop a robot tiger, dressed in a suit of flames, until her exit on a star that drew comparisons to NBC’s “More You Know” logo.

Much of the credit goes to guest stars Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, whom some deemed more worthy of the spotlight. First up was Kravitz, who joined in a duet of “I Kissed A Girl.” People were excited if not somewhat confused by the pairing.

Then, Perry transitioned to a tropical landscape of dancing beach balls, palm trees and sharks for “California Girls,” and everyone started wondering whether we were in a “Teenage Dream” or on a bad acid trip.

Luckily, Snoop Dogg chimed in to assure us that yes, the landscape was real, and he knows because he was there.

Then, Missy Elliott arrived to help Perry get her freak on, much to everyone’s delight. Some would say she stole the show.

But, the real kicker was her exit on a star that drew comparisons to NBC’s famous “more you know” star.

What’s the verdict? Overall, most seemed to delight in roasting Perry, and were generally pleased that the show delivered enough moments to make into memes and objects of mockery.

Our friends at HLN probably said it best: “@katyperry’s dancing sharks are the thing to beat this #SuperBowl Sunday.”