Just when New England had dug out ... more snow

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  • Portland, Maine, mayor says back-to-back storms pose a cleanup challenge
  • The Boston area could see yet another snowstorm Sunday night into Monday
  • A "clipper system" sweeping down from western Canada is hitting New England

(CNN)Haven't you had enough for a week, Old Man Winter?

Apparently not, in New England at least, where even more snow fell -- or is expected to fall -- Friday, on top of the several feet that socked some places a few days ago.
Wait, that's not all. After receiving up to 6 more inches of snow, bitter cold wind chills and strong winds into Saturday morning, the Boston area could see another snowstorm Sunday night into Monday, according to the National Weather Service.
    Granted, none of it will compare with the blizzard that blew through New England from Monday through Wednesday.
    Few communities were spared, with some getting buried under about 3 feet of snow. Others, such as the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, got hit by especially severe winds that knocked out power. And there was Marshfield, Massachusetts, which had blizzard conditions -- meaning a whiteout with heavy snow and regular winds of 35 mph or more -- for 14 hours and powerful storm surges that crumbled a seawall and significantly damaged 11 homes.
    The latest weather event isn't a blizzard, but rather a "clipper" storm swooping down from western Canada to the east. It gets its name from clipper ships, sailing vessels known for their cutting speed, the weather service says.
    This time around, Maine is in the bull's-eye.
    Snow had already begun falling before dawn Friday in Portland, and it's expected to add up to as much as 10 inches by the time it's over Saturday afternoon.
    That is not a lot for winter in Maine. But it could be a problem, considering that crews were still rushing Friday morning to clear out some of the 27 or so inches that fell from the earlier storm.
    "Particularly after the storm we had Tuesday, which was a monster storm, the cleanup really takes a little bit longer. And to have this back-to-back storm, it just makes it much more difficult for us," Portland Mayor Michael Brennan told CNN.
    Some areas of Maine -- all of which is under a winter storm warning through Saturday -- will get hit even harder than Portland, with 2 more feet of snow possible in the northern part of the state.
    "Clean up, clear out and stay safe," the Maine Emergency Management Agency advised residents.
    Some of that system will affect areas farther south such as Massachusetts, where daytime high temperatures should peak around or just above the freezing mark.
    That will seem practically tropical compared with the temps once the sun goes down, when wind chills will fall below freezing and wind gusts could top 43 mph.
    It won't get much warmer anytime soon. The forecast for Boston doesn't have temps getting beyond the 20s through Thursday, at least.
    That's not beach weather, but it's not surprising either. Speaking for Mainers, Portland's mayor expressed confidence that people will get through this latest wave of winter just fine.
    "We really do have some practice at this," Brennan said. "And this is winter in ... New England."