U.S. Presidents and Air Force One

Updated 1:46 PM ET, Fri February 5, 2016
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Air Force One flies past an American flag on its way into Daytona Beach, Florida, in 2004. The U.S. Air Force announced Wednesday, January 28, that a customized military version of Boeing's 747-8 will serve as Air Force One for future Presidents. Click through to see the different airplanes that have served as the President's transportation over the years. Robert Laberge/Getty Images
The Douglas VC-54C, nicknamed "Sacred Cow," is on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, near Dayton, Ohio. Sacred Cow served as President Franklin Roosevelt's official transportation to the Yalta Conference in February 1945. U.S. Air Force
President Harry Truman's official aircraft, the Independence, served as the presidential plane for almost six years until 1953. Peter Stackpole/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
A presidential plane named Columbine III ferried Dwight D. Eisenhower, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to Washington in November 1957. NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images
From left, astronaut John Glenn, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, and President John F. Kennedy arrive at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in February 1962. Kennedy was the first president to use a customized Boeing VC-137C as Air Force One. The plane was a military version of the Boeing 707. Code-named "SAM 26000," this jet served presidents for more than three decades. Fred Hermansky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images
Following Kennedy's assassination, Johnson was sworn in as the President aboard SAM 26000 -- Special Air Mission, tail number 26000. Keystone/Getty Images
With Air Force One in the background, President Richard Nixon delivers a speech at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington after returning from his historic trip to China in February 1972. AP
President Gerald Ford works while aboard Air Force One in 1974. Dirck Halstead/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images
President Jimmy Carter waves goodbye as he boards a presidential aircraft on his final day in office in 1981. Robert Burgess/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images
President Ronald Reagan throws a football toward the press before boarding Air Force One in 1988. JEROME DELAY/AFP/Getty Images
President George H. W. Bush talks with reporters aboard Air Force One in 1990. The Boeing VC-25 -- a military version of the 747-200B -- served as Air Force One for Bush as well as Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Barry Thumma/AP
Clinton deplanes Air Force One in Philadelphia in 1996. LUKE FRAZZA/AFP/Getty Images
President George W. Bush, aboard Air Force One, speaks with Vice President Dick Cheney by phone on September 11, 2001. Eric Draper/The White House/Getty Images
Obama steps off Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in April. Alex Wong/Getty Images
A customized military version of this Boeing 747-8 will serve future Presidents. © 2010 Boeing