CNN Student News - January 30, 2015

CNN Student News - 01/30/15


    CNN Student News - 01/30/15


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January 30, 2015

We're exploring a couple of constitutional issues today, from the concept of war powers in the U.S. government to the concept of selecting a jury. There's some hopeful news concerning the Ebola virus, and there's some expectation that this year's Super Bowl could break all-time television viewership records. And a man in Canada is keeping fun on track for the kids in his neighborhood. Fridays are awesome on CNN Student News!
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1. What Southeast Asian country, the world's largest democracy, is led by Narendra Modi?
2. What Middle Eastern nation saw a new leader ascend the throne following the death of King Abdullah?
3. A recent outbreak of what disease has been linked to a theme park in California?
4. In which U.S. state would you find the coastal town of Marshfield, where a blizzard's storm surge broke through a seawall?
5. What animal in Phylum Echinodermata is the source of uni, a delicacy that's growing in popularity among sushi lovers worldwide?
6. What country's military forces liberated Auschwitz, the Nazis' largest concentration and extermination camp, this week in 1945?
7. In what year did a rancher from Roswell, New Mexico find U.S. Army materials in his pasture that some skeptics claim were the remains of a UFO?
8. What is the nickname of the group of protesters who staged a sit-in at a Rock Hill, South Carolina lunch counter on January 31, 1961?
9. In a controversial effort to wipe out a certain species in the Florida Keys, a British company genetically modified what kind of animal?
10. The Constitution grants what part of the U.S. government the power to declare war?
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