Sarah Koenig's "Serial" podcast became a sensation last year.
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Sarah Koenig's "Serial" podcast became a sensation last year.

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The "Serial" creator spoke at Penn State this week

It was standing room only

Fans will have a wait for season two

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Sarah Koenig gave a talk about journalism followed by a Q&A discussion at Penn State University on Jan. 27. Schwab Auditorium was so packed the crowd was standing room only to see the Serial host speak.

Onward State reports that during the lecture, Koenig recreated the third episode of Serial, called “Leakin Park,” explaining how she researched for the episode and relied heavily on a public police report. The host also stressed the importance of fact-checking and reiterated that for her, the podcast was never about entertainment.

“I never meant to create a fever,” said Koenig, according to Centre Daily. “It’s hard for me to answer why [it went viral.] I didn’t know if it was even going to work. People just like a good crime story; they want to know who did it.”

Koenig addressed season two of the popular podcast, but, unfortunately for Serial addicts, the news doesn’t make it seem like we are getting a new story any time soon. When asked what she had planned for the next season, WPSU reports Koenig responded: “Like if any of you has a story, there’s an email. No, I mean — we do not have a story.”

Here’s a look at the crowd that came out to watch Koenig speak: