NYC's sign language interpreter wows the web

Sign language interpreter Jonathan Lamberton helped warn New York City's deaf community about the winter storm

(CNN)Snow totals may have fallen below expected levels in New York City, but once again the city that never sleeps delivered a sign language interpreter that didn't disappoint.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio took to television Monday to warn residents about the possible dangers associated with this week's winter storm. And he brought with him sign language interpreter Jonathan Lamberton, whose impressive delivery earned him social media fandom.
Lamberton joined the mayor at several news conferences as the storm approached, and his personal flare first and most importantly served to warn New York's deaf community of the hazards expected in the days ahead.
This isn't the first time New York City has been recognized for its wealth of interpreter talent. In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy threatened much of the East Coast, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared at news conferences with sign language interpreter Lydia Callis. Her expressive and enthusiastic delivery made her an internet sensation too.