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Snow day inspires school leader to 'Let It Go'

Story highlights

  • A school's "Frozen"-inspired snow day announcement is drawing attention online
  • Schools across the country have gotten creative with their cancellation notices

(CNN)When the forecast is grim, school leaders have a lot to consider: which roads could be covered in ice, how many hours of instruction students could miss, which song teachers should karaoke to deliver the news.

You read that right. When a blizzard strikes, why just use an old-fashioned phone tree or news bulletin to spread the snow day message? Kids want to sing it from the sledding hill tops, and it turns out, some of their teachers are pretty good with a tune, too.
Take Matt Glendinning, the head of school at the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, who stars in a delightful snowy day take on the "Frozen" hit song "Let It Go," or in this case "School is Closed." The video spread like black ice this week as a blizzard struck the Northeast.
    Then there's Michael Ulku-Steiner and Lee Hark, headmaster and assistant head of school at Durham Academy in North Carolina, who had a moment of viral video fame in 2014 when they rapped a snow day message to the beat of "Ice Ice Baby."
    Rob Bobeda, the principal at Olivet High School in Michigan, crooned to his students this winter, "You can just stay home, 'cause there's too much snow," canceling school to the tune of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me."
    Last year, Todd Taylor, an assistant superintendent with Urbana School District 116 in Illinois, lamented he was "Wasting away again in Winterweatherville, looking for my lost instructional day ..."
    In Richmond, Kentucky, Madison County Schools Assistant Superintendent Randy Neeley and Transportation Director Skip Benton adapted George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" into "It Started Snowing Hard Today."
    Also in Kentucky, James Detwiler, now the assistant superintendent of Boone County Schools, and drama teacher Chad Caddell recorded a "Bohemian Rhapsody"-themed cancellation notice last year, complete with crazy air guitar.