Sights and sounds of the blizzard

(CNN)The predictions are epic. The warnings are dire. And the blanketing has begun.

At CNN, we'll showcase some of your photos and videos of what could be a "historic" blizzard. Be sure to stay safe.
Here's some of what you -- and we -- have seen and shared so far.
The folks of Manhattan are known for their innovative coping skills.
    Other New Yorkers just hoofed it.
    Still, not too many folks were out.
    CNN's Nick Valencia prowled the streets of Boston as the snow fell.
    Early morning on the streets of Boston
    The Massachusetts DOT spoke in terms the people could understand.
    At train stations, crowds pushed to get a spot on board before service shut down.
    Did you know that snow comes in different shapes and sizes.
    From space, you can see it all.
    Thousands of flights were canceled, but some were still taking off with the help of de-icing.
    Flight attendant Lia Ocampo said she was bracing for her first blizzard. She sent photos of snow-covered runways at New York's JFK International Airport to CNN's iReport.
    Flight attendant Lia Ocampo told CNN's iReport she was getting ready for her first blizzard at JFK International Airport.
    For some travelers, it was touch and go. Ricardo Canadinhas looked through an ice-coated window on his Virgin Atlantic flight before takeoff. He could barely see. "#isthissafe," he tweeted.
    Folks rushed to the store as the snow fell, but some of them seemed to be running low on supplies.