Reid 'cracking jokes' after eye surgery

Harry Reid's office said he is resting after a successful eye surgery on Monday.

Washington (CNN)Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is out of three and a half hours of surgery to repair broken eye bones and "sitting in his living room with Mrs. Reid, cracking jokes," his spokesman said Monday evening.

The Democrat broke orbital bones in a dramatic early-January accident when an exercise band he was using broke, sending him tumbling into cabinets in his Nevada home.
His spokesman, Adam Jentleson, said Reid was already "asking about the whip count for this evening's vote on the Keystone pipeline legislation."
    He'll spend this week recovering at home and working the phones, his spokesman said.
    Reid described the impending surgery during a Jan. 22 news conference. He told reporters that doctors would reconstruct the bones near his eye while pointing to a visible dent in his head. His office had also said Reid suffered a concussion, though the senator said he wasn't receiving treatment for one.
    "The surgery took three and a half hours and was successful in removing the blood clot in his right eye, additional blood from the front of his right eye and repairing the orbital bones in his right brow, temple and cheek," Jentleson said.
    "During the surgery, Sen. Reid was under full anesthesia. Doctors have said they are optimistic about his prospects for regaining vision in his right eye but there is no definitive verdict yet," Jentleson said. "Sen. Reid will recuperate from his residence this week and continue to monitor the Senate floor closely through meetings and phone calls with his fellow senators, the White House and staff."