Debbie Reynolds gets SAG life award, daughter Carrie Fisher gets best lines

Debbie Reynolds poses with her daughter, Carrie Fisher, in 2011.

(CNN)Debbie Reynolds accepted the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, but her daughter, Carrie Fisher, got off some of the best lines.

Fisher -- as well known around Hollywood as a script doctor as she is as an actress -- reeled off a number of her mother's achievements, including movie star, recording artist, dance studio owner and preservationist.
And Reynolds, she added, has long been active with The Thalians, a charitable organization she co-founded, dedicated to mental health issues for children and adults.
"Four-and-a-half million (dollars) is allocated just for me," Fisher joked.
    She added that her mother was extremely generous -- though preserving Hollywood's past came first.
    "She'd give you the shirt off her back ... if Vivien Leigh hadn't worn it in 'Gone With the Wind,' " she said.
    But Reynolds got off her own quip.
    Noting that she'd had her hair in a bun in "Singin' in the Rain," she remembers telling her daughter to watch out when Fisher landed the Princess Leia role in "Star Wars."
    "Be careful of any weird hairdos," she said.
    Leia, famously, has two buns -- one on either side of her head.
    "Thank you, George," Reynolds said in an acknowledgment of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.