Team Romney meets in Boston on Friday

Mitt Romney's top advisers and friends are meeting in Boston on Friday.

Washington (CNN)Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney may have had their tete-a-tete in Salt Lake on Thursday, but Romney's top aides are gathering in Boston on Friday to continue to figure out next steps, CNN has confirmed.

The meeting, which was first reported by the National Review, will include top advisers and friends. Romney's top campaign aides Beth Myers and Eric Fehrnstrom, son Tagg and adviser and fundraiser Spencer Zwick are all likely to attend.
Multiple sources cautioned against reading too much into the Friday meeting, however — Romney's advisers are now in constant contact, after the 2012 presidential contender made his interest in a third bid clear to donors last week.
    But it's clear the possibility of a Romney run is moving into a new, more active phase as Romney competes with Bush and others for money and campaign staff.
    One top Romney fundraiser and close friend tells CNN that he "believes strongly" that Romney will run.
    "And if he does, this time we will see the real Mitt," the source said.
    That notion has been a frequent refrain from Romney allies: That he was so buttoned-up during his last campaign, voters couldn't understand who he really was. They see 2016 as a potential do-over, in which his experience as a candidate will differentiate him from the rest of the field.