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Federal investigators have been looking into the Michael Brown shooting

Sources say they haven't found enough evidence for Darren Wilson to face civil rights charges

The former Ferguson police officer shot and killed Brown in August

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A federal investigation has not found enough evidence to charge Darren Wilson with the federal crime of depriving Michael Brown of his civil rights, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation.

The FBI has completed its investigation into the August shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and sent the findings to the Justice Department, a law enforcement official and a separate U.S. official said Wednesday.

Justice Department prosecutors will not recommend civil rights charges against Wilson, who killed Brown, because there is not sufficient evidence to support charges, a U.S. official told CNN.

The New York Times first reported the development Wednesday.

A grand jury decided not to indict Wilson on state charges in November.

If Holder decides, based on prosecutors’ recommendation, not to press federal civil rights charges against Wilson, that could rile things up yet again. Antonio French, a St. Louis city alderman who has been involved in the Ferguson protests, thinks some people will be disappointed, at the least.

What are the Brown family’s options?

Ultimately, the decision will be made by Attorney General Eric Holder, who has said he will announce a decision before he leaves office, which is expected to be by spring.

Another Justice Department civil rights investigation into the Ferguson Police Department’s overall track record with minorities is ongoing.