01:48 - Source: CNN
Members of Congress play Cards Against Humanity
Washington CNN  — 

What better way to get State of The Union reactions than to play Cards Against Humanity with members of Congress?

Well, that’s what we did. If you haven’t played, Cards Against Humanity is commonly known as the “party game for horrible people” where players have to answer questions with a stack of hilariously and, often, crude phrases.

We changed the game up a bit for Capitol Hill, but that didn’t take away from all the fun.

Best moment? California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell reading aloud, “Capturing Newt Gingrich and forcing him to dance in a monkey suit” when asked “What puts a smile on Joe Biden’s face?” It’s safe to say, he wins. He’s also the only member who was familiar with the game before we played.

Congressman Sean Duffy (R- Wisconsin) was a great sport, as was Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D- Florida).