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Jindal: Integration may prevent terror attacks
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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday stood by his controversial comments about “no go zones” in European cities, insisting that some Muslim immigrants are trying to “colonize” European cities and “overtake the culture.”

And the United States could be next, warned Jindal, a Republican who is considering a 2016 presidential run.

“They may be second, third, fourth generation, they don’t consider themselves part of that country. They’re actually going in there to colonize, to overtake the culture,” Jindal said. “If people don’t want to come here to integrate and assimilate, what they’re really trying to do is … overturn our culture.”

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Jindal ratcheted up his controversial take on Muslim immigration during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News, the same network that originally reported the existence of “no go zones” in the U.K. and France before pulling its reporting and issuing four separate apologies on air.

The network had originally reported that the British city of Birmingham was a Muslim-only city and that neighborhoods in European cities like Paris were no-go zones controlled by radical Islamists.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto told Jindal, “We reported the same and we were wrong. We botched it and we apologized for it.”

But Jindal stood by his comments, incorrectly claiming that Fox only apologized for reporting that entire cities were “no go zones.”

“There are absolutely neighborhoods where the police are less likely to go in,” Jindal said, claiming that there are neighborhoods in the UK where Muslim immigrants are imposing Sharia law.

Asked whether he was still calling those areas “no go zones,” Jindal said, “You can call it whatever term you want, but there are neighborhoods, we have communities of people who don’t want to integrate, don’t want to assimilate.”

The potential 2016 contender has racked up significant media coverage since he first said he first talked about “no go zones” in European cities on Monday. He has also continually emphasized that his comments are indeed controversial.

Jindal also criticized President Barack Obama, accusing him of not labeling the attackers in Paris as terrorists, though Obama had swiftly condemned the attacks as a terrorist act.

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Obama has however taken heat from Jindal and other Republicans for staying away from labeling the terrorist threat as radical Islam.

“We’re at war with radical Islam whether he wants to call it or not,” Jindal said on Wednesday.

Drawing on his Indian heritage, Jindal insisted that the race or religion of immigrants is not what’s important, but that immigrants to the U.S. must learn English and integrate and assimilate to American culture.

“It used to be OK to call America the melting pot, now the politically correct one wants to say, look we can’t impose our culture on others, we can’t impose our values on others, that’s nonsense,” Jindal said.