Obama aide: Congress should leave Iran alone

Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer says Congress should listen to the President on Iran negotiations.

Washington (CNN)Congress should stop trying to "dictate the entire foreign policy of the United States" -- especially talks with Iran to end its nuclear program -- a top adviser to President Barack Obama said on Sunday.

White House aide Dan Pfeiffer, appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press," repeated Obama's threat that the President would issue vetoes if the Republican-led Congress approves measures that would impose sanctions on Iran while nuclear talks are ongoing.
His comments came after South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said earlier on the show that lawmakers want to send Iran a message. He even offered Obama a deal: If the President agrees to send any nuclear pacts with Iran to Capitol Hill for approval, Graham said he'd be willing to drop bills that would impose sanctions beforehand.
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    But Pfeiffer hit Graham specifically, saying: "What Lindsey Graham would like to do is he would like to make all the foreign policy decisions for the United States and be the commander-in-chief."
    Obama told lawmakers during a Friday news conference to "hold your fire."
    Pfeiffer said Sunday that an Iran sanctions bill now would hurt U.S. foreign policy beyond Iran, too.
    "It does not make any sense for Congress to scuttle that deal right now, because that will put America in a bad place, not just in dealing with Iran, but with the world -- because Iran will be able to go to the world and say, the United States negotiated in bad faith," he said. "It will make it harder for us to maintain a sanctions regime across the world if that happens."