Smoke closes Channel Tunnel between UK, France

newday sot eurostar train smoke_00005606
newday sot eurostar train smoke_00005606


    Tunnel smoke stops Eurostar trains for day


Tunnel smoke stops Eurostar trains for day 01:03

(CNN)The tunnel connecting Britain and France beneath the English Channel closed Saturday because of smoke emanating from a truck, officials said.

The problem halted all passenger service in the Channel Tunnel, including the high-speed Eurostar trains from London to Paris and Brussels and the Eurotunnel vehicle shuttle, officials said early Saturday afternoon.
"Today's incident ... was an issue with a lorry on one of the Eurotunnel shuttles," Eurotunnel representative Romain Dufour said.
No injuries were immediately reported at the 50-kilometer tunnel.
    The Eurostar trains will not run for the rest of Saturday, a company representative said, adding that the incident stopped about two-thirds of the day's scheduled service.
    The Eurotunnel shuttle that conveys customers and their vehicles is expected to resume service Saturday evening in the England-to-France portion of the tunnel, though the reverse route won't open until Sunday morning, Dufour said.