'West Wing' cast makes cameo in White House video for second year in a row

(CNN)The awkward level reaches "cringe-worthy" at points, but a new White House video shows Press Secretary Josh Earnest having a group phone chat with members of the "West Wing" in a scripted parody to promote "Big Block of Cheese Day."

The second annual event, scheduled for the day after next week's State of the Union address, will provide a forum for Americans to ask White House aides questions via social media.
When advertising last year's Block of Cheese Day, then-press secretary Jay Carney paired up with "West Wing" stars Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina to promote the event. The former NBC show helped popularize the cheese tradition, inspired by President Andrew Jackson's open house in 1837 when he invited citizens to snack on a 1,400 pound block of cheese in the White House main foyer and talk about issues.