Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the most annoying plane passenger

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  • Patrick Stewart enacted bad airline behavior on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
  • The seat-kicker was cited as the most annoying passenger

(CNN)Make it so. Or better yet, make it stop.

Sir Patrick Stewart, perhaps most widely known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," showed off his stage chops on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week in a skit about pesky plane passengers.
Among the portrayed offenses, which were compiled from Expedia's 2014 Airplane Etiquette Study, Stewart feasted on a day-old tuna sandwich and a slice of Camembert cheese as the "stinky snacker" before violating all concepts of personal space as the "seat climber."
    The 74-year-old British thespian was promoting a new film, "Match," which opened on Thursday.
    Here's the full list of Expedia's findings, which surveyed 1,000 Americans on what they considered the most annoying in-flight behavior.
    1. Rear seat-kicker (67%)
    2. Inattentive parents (64%)
    3. Aromatic passenger (56%)
    4. Audio-insensitive (talking/music) (51%)
    5. Boozer (50%)
    6. Chatty Cathy (43%)
    7. Carry-on baggage offenders (39%)
    8. Armrest hog (38%)
    9. Seat-back guy (aka seat recliner) (37%)
    10. Queue jumper (35%)
    11. Overhead bin inconsiderate (32%)
    12. Pungent foodies (32%)
    13. Back-of-seat grabber (31%)
    14. Playboy (reads/watches adult content) (30%)
    15. Amorous (inappropriate affection) (29%)
    16. Mad bladder (28%)
    17. Undresser (removes shoes or more) (26%)
    18. Seat switcher (13%)