Fare enough: Cabbie gets big tip in the City of Brotherly Love

Story highlights

  • Tip totals nearly $1,000
  • The ride lasted about two minutes

(CNN)Philadelphia taxi driver Oumar Maiga was working the late shift during the holidays when he got what normally would be a forgettable fare.

The rider was nice enough. He asked how Maiga's night was going.
"Things were OK but the night was a little hectic," Miaga responded, according to the Freedom Taxi blog.
    The ride lasted less than two minutes.
    The fare: $4.31.
    The tip: $989.98.
    Say what? That's approaching a 23,000% tip.
    "Mr. Maiga was shocked by the tip and asked repeatedly why he had tipped so much and if he realized how much he had tipped," the blog says.
    "The mystery rider told Mr. Maiga that he appreciated how professional he and his cab were and that he wanted to give him the enormous tip before wishing him a good night."
      Yes, a good night indeed.