ONES TO WATCH | Kunlé Adeyemi

In his words

"The relationship between water and the city can be very seamless. I'm always very inspired by the environment and by a place like Amsterdam where that seems to be working quite well."


Kunle Adeyemi's projects center on building around water, and even on top of it.
    Recognizing that nearly 70% of the world capital cities are built by water, Adeyemi has made it his mission to future-proof our urban centers by teaching them to live on top of our lakes, rivers, and seas.
    His Makoko Floating School is situated on the lagoon at the heart of Nigeria's largest city, Lagos, and provides a multi-storey school building that glides on top of recycled plastic containers.

    The Master: Why I chose Kunlé Adeyemi

    "Most young architects are obsessed with trying to get a career, trying to build a house for their mother, and start their business," says internationally heralded architect David Adjaye.
    "But every so often there's a voice which speaks through a different lens. And I think those are very powerful flashpoints. And I think Kunlé represents that spark."

    What the fans say

    And Adeyemi earned a place alongside master architect David Adjaye as one of Africa's most exciting architects: